3rd Feb
Arts Underlined | Places in Process

Arts Underlined | Places in Process: Landscapes of present and past Grimsby and Cleethorpes reshaped and reimagined.

Steven Ingman and Dale Mackie - 3rd February - 22nd April

Arts Underlined is a project creating commissions and professional development opportunities for local and regional artists.

Nottingham-based Steven Ingman and Grimsby-based Dale Mackie have each been commissioned to create bodies of work which respond to locations within North East Lincolnshire.

As a landscape painter Steven Ingman has always been interested in contemporary spaces and buildings that are in a process of transition and our relationship to them as environments. He considers the use of such spaces and explores the concept of change; how a space may fall out of, or into, use.

I enjoy the process of trying to understand an environment and its human interaction by exploring it through an inverted perspective. In my previous work I have contemplated the juxtaposition of night and day and derelict spaces in cityscapes. In addition, I am fascinated in the relationship between the natural and the man made world. Within these settings I delve into the layers of human history, change and narrative. I am constantly looking for the hidden stories and through the work I produce I aim to reshape the everyday, allowing the viewer to reimagine, question and find new meaning.

For the Arts Underlined Place in process exhibition, he has observed the seasonal and natural metamorphoses of the resort and ‘edgelands’ of Cleethorpes to create series of works which explore the natural beauty and man-made elements of our coastal aspect.

In contrast, Dale Mackie has chosen to depict historic Grimsby buildings and landmarks which have become destroyed or derelict in the name of progress.

Mindful of his youth, begun in Cleethorpes, Dale considers the nature of change and the passage of time, accompanying the series of landmarks and historic buildings with collaged images of maps of different periods and ‘memory boards’ of names of places and businesses now lost to our area.

If I had been born in Grimsby I no doubt would have ventured into some of those old

historic buildings the town had to offer. Now all I can do is look at the old photos online and agree with all the comments: “Why did we rip the heart out of Grimsby?”

Lakeside Gallery, The Discovery Centre, Lakeside, Kingsway, Cleethorpes DN35 0AH

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